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Braden Stevenson Fund Drive

Braden Stevenson is our 2017 Happy Smackah. Through this year Braden has made amazing strides, including strong recovery from his surgery that amputated his leg. He was fitted just last week with a prosthetic and is already learning how to walk again. He is now facing continued and serious challenges with his health, including cancerous lesions throughout his lungs.

Please help us fight for Braden – he is a brave, strong, good-humored young man, and we at the Happy Smackah family are determined to offer whatever help we can. With your help we can make a difference.

Happy Smackah is a qualified 501c3 charity and you can make a fully tax-deductible donation for Braden at any time. All donations will go directly to Braden and his family.


If you’d like to donate to Braden Stevenson Fund, do so below.  All donations (minus processing fees) go directly to the Braden and his family.