Happy Smackah

Sponsor Program

Sponsoring the Happy Smackah is a great way to support your community.  Your support ensures we’ll execute the best event and provide as much financial support as is possible for our Happy Smackah recipient(s).

Since 2011, Happy Smackah Events have had over 6,000 participants and raised over $190,000 to benefit members of our community!

We offer flexible opportunities for supporting our efforts. Sponsorships are applied to event expenses – all remaining proceeds from sponsorships will benefit our Happy Smackah recipient(s).  Two easy ways to sponsor:

Any questions about sponsorship please contact sponsors@happysmackah.com. We thank you for your generosity and consideration and look forward to you joining our team!  

Sponsorship LevelWater BottleEventPort-a-PotPlatinumGoldSilverCommunity
Sponsorship Fee$1500$1000$750$450$300$200$100
Number Available1/1SOLD OUT1/119/2023/2550/5099/100
Complimentary 5k Registrations5564321
Website Logo - Group PlacementXXXXXXX
Tshirt - Company Name TextXXXXXX
Event Banner - Company Name TextXXXXXX
Exhibit Booth @ Finish OptionXXXXX
Website Blog PostXXXX
Event Flyer / PosterXXXX
Website Logo - Premium PlacementXXX
Email Communications Header LogoX
Tshirt - Company LogoX
Participant Water Bottle - Company Logo w/ HS LogoX