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Happy Smackah

2016 Smackah 5k: Top Reasons to Register

2016 Smackah 5k: Top Reasons to Register

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The 2016 Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk is just weeks away.  Here are the Top Reasons to Register for the Happy Smackah 5K today!


2016_top_stickahsSmackah Stickahs are back, thanks to Sticker Giant!

This year, though, they’ve received an upgrade. In addition to the 2016 sticker, each participant will also receive two button stickers!

Everyone loves stickers Рmake it to the finish and get yours!  



Sweet Smackah Tee Shirts!

hs_race_tshirt_2016_600Skazma, a sixth-year sponsor of the Smackah 5k, will again equip every participant with a fantastic tee shirt ‚Äď a great way to remember the amazing time you have with us!¬†Available in classic cotton and running tech!¬†Everyone loves tee shirts! ¬†¬†



Fabrizio the Gnome!

2016_top_fabrizioThe  Mead High School Community has a special tradition to share.  There is a garden gnome, Fabrizio, that lives in the school since it opened in 2009. Fabrizio visited Frank Buck at the hospital and posted an update on his Facebook with Frank. There is a very unique and loving community at Mead High School. Fabrizio the popular gnome from Mead will attend the Happy Smackah!



McIntosh Lake and the Views!

hs_parallaxMcIntosh Lake and the surrounding trails offer an environment of peace, serenity, and breathtaking views. There is nothing more tranquil than the calm waters (hopefully, but we’ll be there, rain or shine!), music of the birds, and surrounding farm and wildlife.



Bolder Boulder Tune Up!

2016_top_bolderEvery year, the Happy Smackah 5k occurs just ahead of another longtime local community running mainstay Рthe Bolder Boulder. The best way to prepare? Come out to the Smackah. As an untimed event, it’s a perfect, safe way to ramp yourself up into race shape.  Practice and prepare at the Smackah and succeed at the Bolder Boulder!




Smackah Eagles

topreasonse_eaglesWill our bald eagle friends will join us again this year?  You better be there to find out!  In past years, they join our event start and sit calmly above the t-shirt pick up station, surveying it all.  You can’t believe it unless you see it.  So, be there!



Water Bottles!

waterbottle400 Early Bird registrants receive our first ever Happy Smackah water bottle, in partnership with and courtesy of our sponsor David A Pickett!  If you missed Early Bird registration, have no fear Рwe’ll have some extras on sale at the finish for $10 each!




All Your Friends Will Be There

smackah_participants_2013The Happy Smackah 5K has become a great community event and tradition in the St. Vrain area, with over 4,000 registrants over the past six years. Don‚Äôt be left out ‚Äď all of your friends are sure to be there. ¬†Join a bunch of friends and soon-to-be-friends in this community event where energy is always positive, and there are smiles all around. ¬†Come join them!



Face Painting!

face_paint_guys_2013Face to Face Painting, a mainstay Smackah sponsor, will be there this year, offering face painting for all ages! Join us at the finish line for an awesome color design. If you can think it, Face 2 Face can paint it! 





Custom HS Race Bibs!

Register today and you have the best reason ever to use the official Happy Smackah Race Bib maker.  You can instantly get a custom HS Race Bib to print at home and bring with you to the race! Enjoy seeing all the unique, funny, supportive bibs on race day!




Supporting Frank!

buck_6And the number one reason to register for the Smackah:  Frank Buck!  

Every registration, every donation, every person that joins us on race day, is supporting Frank Buck and his family. Frank is an incredible person and has been so moved by all of this community’s support of him and his family. Let’s continue to support Frank and grow our family.

All that is missing is YOU!  And your family, friends, neighbors, cousins, grandparents, bosses, and anyone else you can bring! Register Today!

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