Frank Buck 2017 Update – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Frank Buck 2017 Update

Frank Buck 2017 Update

Just one year ago Frank Buck became our 2016 Happy Smackah recipient. Please enjoy this special update directly from Frank himself.

Dear Happy Smackah supporters and friends,

Last year’s Happy Smackah was such a tremendous experience for me and my family.  It made a huge difference as I began this journey with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  The support from that day will forever remain in my thoughts and gives me the momentum to continue moving forward.

I have been going through chemo for a year and a half, along with a summer of radiation. All of my treatments so far have proven to be very effective. I feel very blessed to have had the results I have had so far.  The cancer continues to disappear from my liver and there has been no spread of the disease.

I would encourage everyone to sign up for this year’s Happy Smackah in support of Braden. It will definitely impact his life and support his journey, in addition, the physical support is something he will never forget. That support is something that carries us through. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone there this year and all the years that follow. My kids are already gearing up for this yearly event.

This event really has become a yearly commitment on our calendar! Thank you for all of your support and the love for everyone in our community!

Please register today to support Braden Stevenson!

Let’s have a great showing for this strong, amazing young man!  See you there!

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