Glug… Glug… Ahhhhhhhh! – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Glug… Glug… Ahhhhhhhh!

Glug… Glug… Ahhhhhhhh!

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Ah, Eldorado Natural Spring Water, let us count the ways we love thee… You are Pure! You are Refreshing! You are Healthy! And, you are generous and loyal!

Eldorado Natural Spring Water stepped up and helped the Inaugural ‘Smackah participants in 2011 stay hydrated as we tromped/skipped/and ran around the lake and are making a return appearance this year.

They offer amazingly pure, artesian spring water in many forms. There’s bottled spring water, new vitamin spring water, and even the convenience of home delivery.

As a local company, their support of our community event is duly noted and deeply appreciated. Folks helping folks – that’s what it’s all about!

Thanks so much Eldorado Springs!! You are smackah-rific!

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