Jill WooChing 2017 Update – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Jill WooChing 2017 Update

Jill WooChing 2017 Update

Three years ago Jill WooChing became our 2014 Happy Smackah recipient. Please enjoy this special update directly from Jill.
Dear Happy Smackah friends and supporters,

There is still time to register to support Braden Stevenson, this year’s Happy Smackah!

In the past year I had a surgery on my back to help with pain that a cancerous tumor had caused.  I also started a new chemotherapy drug that has proven to be very effective for patients with Leimyosarcoma.  My surgeon and oncologist are both at MD Anderson so I continue to travel to Houston for specialized medical care.  I feel grateful to be feeling well and have only slowed down due to some physical limitations.

It was an honor to be the recipient of the Happy Smackah 2014. The event gives me HOPE. Hope in the human spirit of giving. Hope in the power of a community coming together to help someone in need.

I look forward to seeing you on May 13th at 8:00!  It will be exciting to be there with you to make an impact for Braden.

Blessings,   Jill WooChing

Please register today to support Braden Stevenson!

Let’s have a great showing for this strong, amazing young man!  See you there!

Thank You! 


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