May 9th is Smackah Day! – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

May 9th is Smackah Day!

May 9th is Smackah Day!

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Happy Smackahs,

The Happy Smackah Team hopes you and your loved ones are all faring well during these challenging times. We have been embraced and inspired by our amazing and supportive community for ten years. Due to the public health emergency, we have had to postpone our 10th annual event until October 10th.

This year’s Happy Smackah, Kaylee, has been gracious, knowing her event is postponed, and understanding how times have changed for all of us. In true Happy Smackah form, she has been gracious, patient, and wise beyond her years.

As volunteers for the Happy Smackah events, we want May 9th, to be celebrated. In difficult circumstances we want to support and inspire each other in this, our extraordinary community, and so we are declaring May 9th of this year’s Smackah Day.

What is Smackah Day?

It is a day when we all live like a Smackah!

  • It is a day of Hope.
  • It is a day of Gratitude
  • It is a day of Service.

How can you participate?  

Do things on Smackah Day that are in the spirit of Hope, Gratitude, and Service.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Register for the Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk on 10-10-20 to support Kaylee
  2. Wear a Smackah shirt, from one of your favorite Smackah years
  3. Gather your family in a backyard run/walk. Go on a virtual run – of any distance – (socially distanced and meeting local standards)
  4. Get outside your house, in a safe place, wearing your Smackah shirts or any t-shirt that inspires you. Take pictures, take videos, and tell us what the Smackah means to you.
  5. Make a custom Smackah Bib and wear it during your activity
  6. Share online using #smackahday2020

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, contact us at any time at


The Happy Smackah Team

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