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Happy Smackah

Sponsor: Longmont FOP Lodge 6

Sponsor: Longmont FOP Lodge 6

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sponsors_lfop6The Happy Smackah is thrilled to welcome back the Longmont Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 6 as one of our platinum level sponsors!

We are so appreciative of the work of those dedicated officers who protect and serve our community.  Many of us Smackah volunteers have “day jobs” in the school district.  We witness on a daily basis the outstanding professionalism of the officers who are School Resource Officers (SRO’s). 

These hard working men and women are “home town heroes” serving as role models for our students. They have the talent to relate to students of all ages and are often seen in classrooms instructing our youth on many important topics. Still – they are absolutely strict and firm when the situation might require that kind of intervention. 

So, to all of Longmont’s outstanding law enforcement officers, we say THANK YOU for your dedication to keeping us safe and assisting us in times of trouble.  Your job is exceptionally difficult, and we are most grateful for the work you do and for your support of the Happy Smackah.  For interesting information regarding visit the Fraternal Order of Police online.

And, as a Happy Smackah yourself… you might consider offering a simple “thank you for your service” or something similar to the next police officer you see. You never know when that might just be the brightest spot in their day. 

Thanks, Longmont FOP Lodge 6!

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