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Sponsor: Nixcavating

Sponsor: Nixcavating

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Photo: nixcavating.com

Photo: nixcavating.com

The Happy Smackah is proud to announce and recognize the addition of a new business to the Smackah family: Nixcavating excavation company.

Founded and operated by Scott Nix – he began the company in 1982 with a broken backhoe and not much else!  

Over the years, as he acquired a lot of managerial experience and better equipment, the company flourished.  Nixcavating now has a fantastic team of 25 employees  – a group Scott refers to as “priceless personnel”.  That sounds very much like a bunch of Happy Smackahs to us!!  

Not to mention the fact that, over the years, Scott and Nixcavating have been supporters of many local causes in our community – includin non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, Tiny Tim, Kiwanis, the Our Center and many more. 

We are thrilled to have the support of this comminuty-minded man and his great company.  Please learn more about them at www.nixcavating.com

Thanks, Scott and Nixcavating!!

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