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Sponsor: The Dickens

Sponsor: The Dickens

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Photo: maydae.com

Photo: maydae.com

The¬†Dickens¬†you say! ¬†Yes, we do and quite a lot. ¬†“Want to go to the¬†Dickens? ¬†Let’s go to the¬†Dickens. ¬†Let’s meet at the¬†Dickens!”

A perfect spot for any time and any occasion. ¬†It’s a great spot to gather for dinner and drinks, and it’s the perfect spot for a group of any size.

Over one-hundred-thirty years old Рit was originally established in 1881 by William Henry Dickens.  William, a relative of the famous author Charles Dickens, came to the area in 1860 as a young man.

Now, it’s home to the Opera House upstairs, which features nightlife of many forms or private events for 200+.

The Tavern downstairs features lunch and dinner, classic and contemporary pub fare and has two different rooms for parties of 20 or 45.  The Dickens Tavern is an amazing restaurant and venue, and the owners and staff are community minded and supportive of so many charity events.

We are thrilled that the owners of  The Dickens are generously supporting the Happy Smackah Fun Run for the third year in a row.

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