The Kaylee Stiffler Story

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Kaylee Stiffler is 16. She’s had 14 surgeries in the past five years, and there isn’t an end in sight for surgeries and procedures. Kaylee, a sweet, caring, clever, down to earth teenager,  was born with congenital nevus, which is essentially a mole or birthmark that can be on any…

The Cassandra Gilbert Story

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Brave. Tough. Stubborn. Inspirational. Cassandra Gilbert, Cass to her husband Jase, Cassie to her friends, is a fighter. She’s been a fighter her whole life, challenging herself with 10k races, climbing, high plains living in Bishop, near Mammoth, and working through whatever life throws her way with humility and positivity….

The Clara Shipp Story

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Clara Shipp is five and a half years old. She is fighting a rare disease that no one understands. She needs a feeding tube, 7 machines that keep her alive, and no one knows her prognosis. She’s a miracle. She’s a fighter. And, she’s a happy smackah. She jumps on…