Thanks to Fair Winds! – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Thanks to Fair Winds!

Thanks to Fair Winds!

Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights is a proud sponsor of this yearโ€™s Happy Smackah, gifting two flight certificates to Braden and his family. Fair Winds provides lifelong memories, carrying passengers across the Front Range to enjoy the spectacular Colorado views. Their launch site is in Boulder, Colorado, conveniently located for guests from all over Colorado.

Each flight includes breakfast, t-shirts, flight certificats and personalized photos, complimentary champagne, and of course, memories to last a life time. They believe in inspiring โ€œa moment in time of wonderment, happiness, and optimism.โ€

The Fair Winds team is deeply engrained in the community, donating to dozens of organizations throughout the years. Their goal is to create relationships, sustain those relationships, and continue to build community with natives and travelers, which makes them a perfect sponsor of the Happy Smackah!

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