The Frank Buck 2018 Update – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

The Frank Buck 2018 Update

The Frank Buck 2018 Update

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Hello Smackah’s!

As the recipient of the Happy Smackah in 2016, I can’t tell you enough about how this organization has help my family and I and continues to help us today. We have developed long-lasting relationships that continue to grow, all thanks to the Happy Smackah. We are very proud to belong to this organization. I can’t wait to meet this year’s recipient and her family. I am sure that they have already realized how uplifting this experience will be.

As far as my update since the last Happy Smackah, there are always ups and downs when fighting cancer. I became pretty ill last Spring with liver failure. After visiting my doctor in Arizona, and also changing doctors here, I was very well taken care of and very well advised. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the liver problems and slowly get back to almost normal health. The positive is that I was able to go 9 months without chemo or cancer growth.

In December, a CAT scan showed some new cancer growth, but all lesions were small and didn’t seem aggressive. I was placed back on a different form of chemo and have been on it since December. The latest CAT scan has shown that most of the lesions are too small to measure, and all have gone down in size.

I am excited that the treatments are again working and I will continue to participate in my family’s lives
and continue to work at Coal Ridge Middle School. I look forward to seeing everyone run and gather for this wonderful cause.

Please come out on May 12th and support the 2018 Happy Smackah – Clara Shipp and her family.

Register today and tell all your friends! See you on May 12th!!!!!!

Thank you,

Frank Buck


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