The Jill Woo Ching 2016 update – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

The Jill Woo Ching 2016 update

The Jill Woo Ching 2016 update

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Dear Happy Smackah supporters and friends,


I’m experiencing similar feelings now as I did last year at this time, reflecting on how blessed I am with life. Feelings of gratitude, love, strength and hope!

I am living with cancer but not allowing cancer to steal away any of my life.  I struggle with a lot of pain issues and the side effects of many rounds of chemotherapy have become more apparent over time.

However, outside of my three trips to Houston to see my oncologist and other specialists, I have also been blessed with travel opportunities to enjoy great times with friends and close relatives.

In June I had a special week in Winter Park with amazing girlfriends, in July a journey to Aspen with my husband and daughter Maria. September I was able to celebrate my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary at a party. We were surrounded by lots of family and dear friends. October was busy with a trip Minnesota and Iowa, which was most exciting as I was able to check something off my bucket list. I have always been interested in farming and have desired to live in the country. My bucket list adventure was to help bring in the corn harvest at a close friend’s large farm in Osage,Iowa. I was able to harvest while riding in the premium cab of a John Deere Combine and it was so amazing!

Visiting our daughter Maria and all the dear friends we have made in Minneapolis was the push I needed to keep going.  Lastly we traveled to Miami to enjoy quality time with our daughter Christina.  Spending time with all these people and not letting cancer limit me has been the greatest reassurance that I am bigger than this cancer.

2016 has brought the most challenges with my mobility due to my back issues. Just last week we returned to Houston and received some challenging news. I have decisions to make that may include a surgery, a change of treatment plan and additional chemotherapy.

During the quiet times and through the challenges I try to appreciate simple things in life.  Like the birds I hear as I enjoy the warmth of the wonderful spring days we have been having.  Sitting on our back patio and taking a deep breath of fresh Colorado air.  Enjoying the view of our snowcapped peaks from our patio as well. Taking our dog for a walk even though I am limited to about fifteen minutes. Watching movies with our son Ben and my husband Sililo. Participating in a LIVESTRONG program at the Longmont YMCA, an amazing program for those who are cancer survivors, and cancer fighters. Very quickly, strangers become friends because of a common goal; living life strong and to the fullest.

This is also what the Happy Smackah community is. A special event where we all can come together, work towards a common goal and help a current friend or a new friend in need. The love and support through this event is beyond what one would expect. Our community and the Happy Smackah it truly incredible.

PLEASE join us to support this year’s Happy Smachah, Frank Buck!  I look forward to meeting him, his family and so many supporters on May 14th for a terrific morning of excitement around an amazing community coming together.

I am forever grateful for your support, in choosing me to be the Happy Smackah honoree in 2014, and I am devoted and committed to support all other Happy Samackah Fighters.

Thank you now and always,

Jill WooChing

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