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The Kaylee & Aubree Story

The Kaylee & Aubree Story

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Kaylee & Aubree Adams are 15-year-old Sophomores at Longmont High School in Longmont, Colorado.  Identical twins, they have for over 10 years been afflicted with a nephrotic syndrome which threatens their kidneys.  A common side-effect of nephrotic syndrome is hypertension – both girls have been taking medication daily since they were 4-years old to manage this.

Late in 2011, Kaylee’s situation turned, and her kidneys began to fail – their function level falling to 15%.  She spent time in Children’s Hospital, ultimately being released to her home where she now spends 10 hours per day on dialysis.  She takes 19 types of medication and supplements twice-daily.

Early in 2012, during a routine medical check up, it was discovered that Aubree’s kidneys are also worsening and now functioning at over 400% (working too hard) failure is imminent.  She is not yet on dialysis.  The twins face an indeterminate fight to manage kidney health, dialysis and ultimately transplants.

In addition to Kaylee’s dialysis, both girls manage strict diets. All of their activity is clouded by the constant management against the clock of kidney failure.

Kaylee and Aubree have an older brother Gunnar.  Gunnar, a Senior at Longmont High School, has avoided issues with his kidneys, but has had to give up playing football for the Trojans after suffering several concussions.

Kaylee, Aubree and Gunnar belong to John Adams of Frederick, Colorado, and Linda (Traxinger) Adams of Longmont, Colorado. Linda is a single Mom who somehow manages to hold down a full time job while managing the insanely busy schedule of three teenagers – on top of the medical issues, expenses, and all else.

Through it all Kaylee & Aubree have been amazing examples of the Happy Smackah spirit.  Those who know them, know they are super-close.  They go everywhere with smiles on, finish each others’ sentences, and giggle and laugh, while touching fingers and sharing glances.  They are remarkably upbeat, witty, funny, and silly, despite the burden they carry managing their health.

The Happy Smackah family of sponsors and volunteers are honored and proud to have Kaylee & Aubree as the Happy Smackah beneficiaries of 2012.  We thank you for your help and support in any way that you are capable – by attending our Happy Smackah  5k Fun Run on May 12th, through a General donation, through Sponsorship or by Volunteering.

Thank you!

12 Comments so far:

  1. Dan Clancy says:

    They sound like great young women. Great choice!

  2. David Kline says:

    We’re rallying the team at Westview, and we’re all really excited to further this wonderful campaign. Kaylee and Aubree are terrific kids – it was an honor to have them at our school. I can’t wait to see you at the fun run on May 12th. See you then!

  3. Lana M. Ploger says:

    I am going to spread the word and also am happy to help any way you may need me. Also wish i could do the run but can’t so will give you a donation for sure. Love to all the family..

  4. John Wahler says:

    Love these kids! Had them both at Sanborn Elementary as well!
    Hope that we get a big group from all of the St. Vrain schools they attended. I will sure be there!

  5. David Wells says:

    I did it last year and want to help this year.

  6. cashvandiver says:

    i didnt do this last year but i really hope to this year… i think this is a great idea to help out!

  7. David Wells says:

    Also i feel bad and want to help those who are having a hard time.

  8. sam merrill says:

    im mikal merrill’s little broand becki merrill’s little bro. i dont really know if they knew them but i’ll be their running for them.

  9. sam merrill says:

    i’ll be there mr wahler

  10. Erin mason says:

    Thats really sad but i know that ill be there to support them all the way from this i can tell that there great kids, students, and friends and never give your hopes up!!!

  11. Mary Webber says:

    Kaylee and Aubree, I can’t join you for the run this Saturday, but I want to send my very best to you both and to your family….what lovely and amazing young women you have become!

  12. We are excited to be part of the Happy Smackah and to be able to help Kaylee and Aubree. We look forward to the race tomorrow.

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