Times Call Features Happy Smackahs – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Times Call Features Happy Smackahs

Times Call Features Happy Smackahs

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The Longmont Times Call ran two feature articles today on the Happy Smackah.

The feature article on Kaylee and Aubree Adams provides considerable insight into the challenge and adversity the girls are facing in their battle with kidney disease. Those who know and love the girls are familiar with their Happy Smackah spirit. The fine work of the Times Call will help others understand what special young ladies they both are.

The feature article on Dan Cribby, our original and forever Happy Smackah in Chief, gives a first-ever interview and story, reflecting on the life threatening and changing events of last year – and updating how he’s doing now.

Kudos and thanks to Kaylee, Aubree, Dan and the Times Call staff for collaborating and sharing these stories with our community. It’s a blessing to see their strength and spirit in motion as they persevere on their journeys.

Most of all, Thanks To You, our community for the past, current and ongoing support of the Happy Smackah!

One Comment so far:

  1. Kris says:

    Thanks, Times-Call, for supporting the girls, Danny and our fun run. You really helped us through this final stretch.

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