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We ❤️ Sticker Giant!

We ❤️ Sticker Giant!

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The Happy Smackah is thrilled that Sticker Giant is back as a sponsor. Sticker Giant has sponsored every single Happy Smackah since its inception in 2011. They not only create our amazing stickers, they also sponsor our portable restrooms.

“Every sticker has a story,” John Fischer, creator of Sticker Giant, says of his life’s work and passion. Fischer created his company in rural Boulder county, and this company has grown from the passion and creativity of the family of Sticker Giant employees. It’s almost the wrong word, to call them employees. The group that shares John’s vision are quality-minded, efficient, and so very happy! Their business was housed for years in Hygiene, Colorado, but their company has grown, so nearly two years ago, they moved to a 12,000 square foot space in Longmont.

John credits their success to partnering with the customer to give them exactly what they want. They work closely with their customers to learn not only about the product they require, but also its intent and where in the world these stickers will end up. Each print is tailored to those specific needs and circumstances.

Sticker Giant helps people tell their stories with a quality product. Their product is part of an amazing vision, and John Fischer has taken the success of this and given back. Fischer is deeply involved with the community, including the schools, the arts, and local charities. Sticker Giant has been a long-time supporter of The Happy Smackah. We are thrilled and proud to have the Sticker Giant family (a true group of Happy Smackahs!) as a sponsor of the 2018 Happy Smackah.

Come support the Smackah and get your stickahs!


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