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Exciting Smackah Changes in 2019

Exciting Smackah Changes in 2019

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This year we are proud to introduce exciting new upgrades to the Smackah that will make this amazing event even better!

Finish at the Start!That’s right – those who have been with us before know that we’ve always started the race on the West end of Dawson park and finished on the East end – this was done to ensure our race was exactly 5k.  We’ve enjoyed this setup for all these years; however, to improve the experience for our participants and streamline our setup logistics we’ve moved our Finish to be at the Start area. We’ve also improved organization of our sponsor booths and other race amenities, all for a better experience for everyone joining us.

So… the 5k is now longer?  Yep!  It’s now a Lap Around The Lake!

We are now officially a full “Lap Around The Lake” and that totals 5.35k! As a Fun Run / Walk, we’ve never officially timed the race (though we will have a running clock on site this year).  While we have many runners and athletes who run the best 5k they can – many of our participants take their time and enjoy the course. We’ve always been a unique event and now we are a unique course distance!  So, runners beware – your GPS watches are not broken. Everyone should be sure to train just a bit more for that extra .35k! 🙂

Please see our site and course map online so you’ll know what to expect.  

Some key items:

  • Finish Area – please stay safely clear while you are gathered to root on participants as they finish
  • Race Check In – as always in the park shelter on the North side of the park by the lake
  • Day of Registration – for walk up registrants you’ll find this centrally located
  • Start – No changes – we’ll queue here as always – racers and runners up front, joggers to the middle, walkers toward the back!

We are looking forward to another great event and to seeing you all there.  

We are proud to support Cassandra Gilbert as the 2019 Happy Smackah. We thank you for your help and support in any way that you are capable – by participating in our Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run on May 11th, through a General donation, or by Volunteering.

We are also seeking Sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page or contact us by email.  Register for the 5k Fun Run Today!

Any Other Questions?  Contact us at support@happysmackah.com. Thank You!  

The Happy Smackah Volunteer Team

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