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The Happy Smackah was founded in 2011 in the spirit of support and love for Dan Cribby. In 2013 the Happy Smackah Foundation was incorporated is a 501c(3) organization, classified as a public charity.  Please consult your tax professional regarding donations to our organization and possible tax benefits.

Our mission is: To build extraordinary communities

Our vision is:  To be a unique provider of community events that enables people to support and inspire each other

The Happy Smackah originated as a fundraising event for Dan Cribby, a St. Vrain Valley educator who became seriously ill and required amputation of his arm and shoulder and extensive skin grafting.  He was at University Hospital in Denver for over three months.  Dan is back at work full time, and is fully recovered.

Dan Cribby, born and raised in Maine, has many expressions, and one of his favorites is “Happy Smackah” (It’s probably spelled smacker).

The term Happy Smackah is his favored expression to describe his favorite people.  The term originates with happy “smacker”, but when a native Mainer says it, the r sound is dropped.  It’s meant to describe someone who is simply… happy.  Dan has lived his life finding joy anywhere and everywhere, and when the community brought together the fun run, his friends thought of the perfect name:  Happy Smackah Fun Run.

This expression refers to someone who is filled with simple joy of life (The French call this “joie de vivre”).  He loves people who are “happy smackahs”, and he often refers to his students as happy smackahs.

Simply put, a Happy Smackah:

  • Lives with a positive attitude
  • Lives a no nonsense, no excuses life
  • Takes joy in life’s little treasures

The first fun run was such a success, and Dan and his wife Karen continue to be a part of the tradition to help out other needy Happy Smackah’s.

We love that Dan Cribby is the ultimate Happy Smackah.

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