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Happy Smackah

General Donations

The Happy Smackah team invites you to donate through participation in the various events we offer. If none of our events suit you or work with your capabilities or schedule, we recognize that you might like to give anyway. Donations allow us to continue to serve the community, providing events to benefit members of our St. Vrain Community.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity and consideration!

Beneficiary Donation

Donations earmarked to specific Happy Smackah beneficiaries are NOT Tax Deductible per IRS rules. We are happy to process your donation and ensure all amounts (minus transaction fees) are provided to the designated recipient you select. Thank you for your generosity and support for our Happy Smackah’s!

General Fund Donation

Donations to the Happy Smackah Foundation General Fund are Tax Deductible. The Happy Smackah Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization and has no paid staff. These funds will be used by Happy Smackah to further the mission of our Foundation, including support to current and past beneficiaries, future events, and programs to support our community.

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