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The Kelly Haley Story

The Kelly Haley Story

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IMG_4360Kelly Haley is a wife, mother, cheer coach and lifelong Longmont resident.   She is passionate about her community, cheering, students, and family.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Seth, both of them Skyline High School Alums, and they have three children, John, Colin,and Emerson.

The only time Kelly has not lived in Longmont were her college years in Greeley.  Kelly feels grateful for landing teaching and coaching jobs in the St.Vrain Valley School District.  She and Seth could not imagine living anywhere else.

She has been a mostly stay at home mom, while afternoons, evenings, and weekends were dedicated to coaching her cheer squad at Longmont High School.  She’s grateful for the connections she’s made within the community.

IMG_0577It has been just over a month since Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  It has spread to her liver and lungs.  She has had to resign from her position as cheer coach as she goes through chemotherapy.

Kelly is a fighter, deciding to kill this thing with laughter.  She is pragmatic, insightful, and grateful for how the community has reached out to help her and her family.  She is especially grateful for her husband Seth, and her fighting spirit is driven from deep within and for her profound love for her children.  They are a smiling, laughing brood.

In true fighting spirit, Kelly recognizes that her passion and commitment to cheering has taught her many life-long skills. She smiles in the face of adversity, builds and lives in community, trusts others and works to make everyone be the best they can be.

IMG_0590Kelly and her family are true Happy Smackahs. The Happy Smackah foundation is proud to support Kelly Haley as the 2015 Happy Smackah.

We thank you for your help and support in any way that you are capable – by participating in our Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run on May 9th, through a General donation, or by Volunteering.

Register for the 5k Fun Run Today!

We are also seeking Sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page or contact us by email.

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  1. Kline Family says:

    The Kline Family is really excited to walk around the lake a fifth time to support Kelly. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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