Happy Smackah Registration – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Happy Smackah Registration

Register through Online Registration or use a Print Registration Form.

When:  Anytime April 8th through May 8th, 2021

Where: Anywhere you like, e.g., in your neighborhood, a local track, etc.

Why:  Generate funds for Kaylee our 2020/2021 Happy Smackah

Registration Fees:

Child (5 and Under): $1
Youth (6 to 12): $15
Teen (13 to 17): $25
Adult (18 to 54): $35
Senior (55 and Over): $25

The Happy Smackah Virtual 5k is an untimed, Fun Run / Walk. All event participants (excluding late registrations) receive a Happy Smackah event Tee Shirt.


Mockup of Commemorative Medal

Mockup of Commemorative Medal – The Real One will be AMAZING!

Any questions or issues, contact info@happysmackah.com. Thank you for supporting Happy Smackah!

8 Comments so far:

  1. Dave Kline says:

    The Kline Family is super excited for our third time around the lake in as many years. It’s neat to think that little Noah Kline will have done the Happy Smackah every year of his life so far.

    The Barela family is a great bunch and we’re proud to do something for Andy. We’ll have the camera crew there too (who can forget Cribby Cam #3). See you all then!

    • Leanne Lehman says:

      Hi Dave
      Looking forward to seeing you there- I am a sarcoma survivor too (2 x) What a wonderful lady Jill Woo Ching is and what a great way to help!

      Her son Ben was one of my students here at Silver Creek.

      Look for me there- bib name: LUVHEALS

  2. Dave Kline says:

    A fourth lap around the Lake for the Kline Family – and we are all very excited to support Jill. What a great event to do with the people you love most. We can’t wait to see you all there on May 10th.


  3. Heather Ladd says:

    Our family is very excited to help support Jill by participating in this walk. This was my 12 year old son Cody’s idea to participate after talking with his teacher, Mrs. Cribby! My daughter, Tyler, also went to school with Ben and is looking forward to helping in any way we can!!

  4. Dave Kline says:

    7th time around the lake for the Kline’s. We love seeing everyone together on a Saturday in May. Most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing Braden – our good friend and all around great guy!

    We can’t wait to see you too!

  5. Sharon & Lloyd Fisher says:

    We’re looking forward to lap around the lake with the SVVSD community, in support of little Clara.
    Thank you, Happy Smackah organizers and sponsors!

  6. Dave Kline says:

    Another time around the Lake! The Kline Family is thrilled to support Clara! Hooray for the Happy Smackah!

  7. Dave Kline says:

    The Kline Family is honored to support Cassandra. What a wonderful event and a wonderful day. We have a tremendous community here in NW Longmont. We hope to see you all on Saturday!

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