“The Original” Happy Smackah

As we count down the days to the 4th Annual Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk, in support of Jill Woo Ching – please enjoy this update on Dan Cribby, the original Happy Smackah – and then, while you are here – register for this year’s event!

Dan is living as he always has.  He has always enjoyed working around his property, teaching, coaching, hiking and watching the Red Sox.  That’s what he’s doing.  Not much has changed in his life since his illness and resulting amputation.

As he often says, having one arm is like “needing to find a different tool for a job.”

Dan Cribby tends to his trees at his home

Dan Cribby tends to his trees at his home

He leaves a lot of tools all around the property to pick up and use, and he insists driving the tractor is actually easier now because he installed a spinner knob for steering.  Sometimes he asks his wife to button his sleeve, but that’s about it.

He’s continued his building projects and landscape projects, and he’s back to photography.  He’s also back to running and will once again run in this year’s Happy Smackah.

The first Happy Smackah fun run was created to support Dan and Karen when Dan was hospitalized.  Dan was released from the hospital a day before the event, and he and his wife made an appearance.

Coach Dan enjoys working with some of the Westview track team

Coach Dan enjoys working with some of the Westview track team

Dan has a  difficult time describing the emotions that overwhelmed him at the experience.  Over the past few years, that same feeling comes over Dan, but added to the overwhelming gratitude and love, is the added emotion of being a part of giving back.  Being a part of an amazing community.

Both Dan and his wife are humbled and grateful for the support of the community, and they are especially grateful for all the help of the  Happy Smackah board and volunteers that allow them to continue to give back to the community.

There are so many people who help make the Smackah possible.  Dan and his wife Karen, are deeply grateful.

The Adams Twins Update

As we continue gearing up for the 2014 Happy Smackah event for Jill Woo Ching – we were fortunate to catch up with our 2012 Happy Smackahs Kaylee & Aubree Adams.  Enjoy this great update from the girls – another fantastic interview with and production from the Westview Middle School Films team!

If you have not yet registered, do so today and help Jill!  The 2014 Happy Smackah 5k on May 10th, 2014!

Happy Smackahs: The Adams Twins from Westview Middle School on Vimeo.

Jill Woo Ching Times Call Interview

The Longmont Times Call recently produced a video interview with Jill Woo Ching, the 2014 Happy Smackah!  This is a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about Jill and her current ordeal.  She certainly is a fighter and a Happy Smackah.

Enjoy and if you have not yet registered, do so today and help Jill!

The Jill Woo Ching Story

Jill-Pic01-1Jill Woo Ching is an exceptional woman.  She devotes her time to being an extraordinary mom, wife, employee, parishioner, community member, and friend.  She is an exceptional person.

Jill has been an integral part of the St. Vrain Valley School district for years, as an employee, parent volunteer, and as a parent.  She has worked as a health clerk at Longmont Estates, Lyons Elementary, Fall River Elementary School, and is currently on leave from her job at Blue Mountain Elementary.  Jill Woo Ching has supported this community for years, especially supporting young people through her church, missionary work, and voluntarism in the St.Vrain Valley Schools.

Jill was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, eight years ago.  At that time, she had surgery to remove the cancerous tissue.   Last fall, she felt back pain as she helped a friend devastated by the floods. She thought she had strained muscles from the heavy work.   Instead, she found out that her cancer had returned, with spots on her spine and in her lungs.  Doctors suggested surgery again, but family and friends researched to get a second opinion, and they discovered  MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.


Jill is currently being treated at MD Anderson with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.  Her husband, Sililo,  continues to work in Boulder County, and he, family and friends keep a vigil with Jill, each taking turns traveling to Houston to stay with her.

Jill and Sililo have been married for thirty years, and they have twin daughters, Christina and Maria who both work in physical health and therapy, and a son Ben who is a sophomore at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

222087_209316129099569_4978992_n The Woo Chings are a close-knit family who treasure each other, give willingly and are deeply grateful and religious.  Jill is a detail-oriented person, balanced by her big-picture oriented husband.   She is gracious and welcoming to all.  She opened her home to her children’s friends throughout high school, making her home a safe haven for teenagers to come and eat, especially on “waffle night.”  She never forgets a person, or an act of kindness and goodwill.  Jill loves camping with the family and refuses to ever sell their big pop-up tent.

Jill is exceptional in many ways that make her unique, valued, and loved. She is one of us, here in our community, and now she is exceptional again, as the 2014 Happy Smackah. We are deeply honored to meet and know this family, and we look forward to joining the community, once again, in support of this family.

The Happy Smackah family of sponsors and volunteers are honored and proud to support Jill Woo Ching as the 2014 Happy Smackah. We thank you for your help and support in any way that you are capable – by participating in our Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run on May 10th, through a General donation, through Sponsorship or by Volunteering.

For updates on Jill, visit her Caring Bridge site.

Seeking 2014 Happy Smackah!

chalkboard_hs_ideaDan and Karen Cribby and all of the Happy Smackah Volunteers are very excited to announce the 4th Annual Happy Smackah 5K Fun Run / Walk is on!  This year’s event will be held May 10th, 2014 - and we’re focused on finding the next Happy Smackah beneficiary for 2014.

Now in our 4th year, the Happy Smackah event is becoming a symbol of generosity, caring, love and support within our community.

Dan Cribby, teacher at Westview Middle School, our Chief Happy Smackah, and first ever Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run beneficiary, is responsible for the expression “Happy Smackah.” This refers to someone who is filled by the simple joys of life.  They live their lives with a positive attitude, with a no-nonsense/no-excuses life, and take joy in life’s little treasures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2012, the Happy Smackah family grew with the addition of two amazing and courageous girls, Kaylee and Aubree Adams, now Seniors at Longmont High School.

In 2013, the Happy Smackah family proudly added Andy Barela, a former employee at Niwot High School.

For 2014, we’re currently seeking recommendations for a beneficiary.  If you know of an employee or student in St. Vrain Valley Schools who has suffered from an accident or illness and is in financial need, please tell us about them.

Please contact us with your Happy Smackah Candidate Suggestions and let us know any pertinent information about their needs.  We’d like to be aware of as many worthy situations as we can. Suggestions are being accepted through February 28th, 2014.

We are also seeking Sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page or contact us at sponsors@happysmackah.com.

Any Other Questions?  Contact us at support@happysmackah.com.

4th Annual Happy Smackah Announced

hs_logo_200x200Wow – 2014 has settled upon us quickly!  It is now time that we give official notice that the 4th Annual Happy Smackah, the 2014 edition is indeed upon us!

Dan and Karen Cribby and all of the Happy Smackah Volunteers are very excited to announce that the 4th Annual Happy Smackah 5K Fun Run / Walk will take place on May 10, 2014.

The mission of the Happy Smackah foundation is to benefit individuals in the St. Vrain Valley School District community who are in need.

Dan Cribby, our Chief Happy Smackah and first ever Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run beneficiary, is responsible for the expression “Happy Smackah“.  This refers to someone who is filled by the simple joys of life.  They live their lives with a positive attitude, with a no-nonsense/no-excuses life, and take joy in life’s little treasures.

In 2012 the Happy Smackah family grew with the addition of two amazing and courageous girls, Kaylee and Aubree Adams.

In 2013 the Happy Smackah family proudly added Andy Barela.

Our next step is to select a beneficiary for 2014.  We will be kicking off our search soon, and we will notify you as soon as we open up for suggestions.

Our mission is clear.  We , the Happy Smackah Volunteers, sponsors and our community, are proud to serve this community.  To be able to contribute and share with this community is a gift.  Thank you for helping us support the next Happy Smackah.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page.

Thank You!

The Happy Smackah Volunteer Team


Community Flood Support

HELPAll along the Front Range, from Fort Collins, Greeley, through Estes Park, Longmont, Lyons, Boulder, Denver and to Colorado Springs, our communities are reeling.  We never expect so much adversity, in so little time and with so little warning.

While the Happy Smackah Committee and Volunteers are incredibly saddened by the events of the past week, we are also optimistic.  We know that it is the normal course for individuals and communities to meet with significant challenges.

We believe in the Happy Smackah spirit… the human spirit.  We know our communities are strong and resilient.  We have come together in the past and are doing so again.

If you are facing challenges due to flooding, or if you know of families in the Happy Smackah community that need help – there is help.

For those of you who have sustained damage, are displaced or need any kind of assistance, we wanted you to be aware of the sources of assistance available to you.

For those of you affected or unaffected, who wish to contribute in some way, we wanted you to be aware of the ways you can help.

Longmont Community Foundation

In Longmont, the Longmont Community Foundation has established a fund to help our neighbors.  100% of the  proceeds from the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund will go directly towards helping the community recover from the devastation of the recent flooding.  If you are in need of assistance, or wish to contribute online to the fund, simply visit http://longmontfoundation.org.

Foothills United Way

Foothills United Way has established the ‘Foothills Flood Relief Fund’ in response to the impact of the severe flooding across Boulder and Broomfield counties. The funds raised through this effort will be used toward health and human services for those affected by the flooding in Boulder and Broomfield counties.  Foothills United Way is monitoring the situation throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties and has a resource coordinator on staff to assess the unique needs of the mountain communities affected by the significant flooding. We will provide information for volunteer opportunities as they are identified.  To donate, please visithttps://www.unitedwayfoothills.org/floodrelief

Northern Colorado Disaster Assistance Center (DAC)

The DAC will be open 8 a.m.-6 p.m. seven days a week at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology, formerly the Agilent campus.  The center is accepting donations of non-perishable food, toiletry items, gift cards, bottled water and sports drinks.  People wanting to make donations should enter the campus from Colorado Avenue just north of S.W. 14th Street, and follow signs to the donation center.  Donations are accepted between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in Building D.

Services for flood victims are being added during the center’s first two days of operation. By Wednesday they will include services by the Larimer County Health Department, the American Red Cross, Touchstone Partners mental health services, the Larimer Humane Society, the Small Business Administration and services from finance and insurance advisors.  More information is at the Loveland Herald and recorded information is available on the City’s emergency information line: 970-962-2020.

Help Colorado Now

Find out how to help those affected by floods in Colorado, including ways to donate, what to donate and locations of donation centers, through Help Colorado Now:http://helpcoloradonow.com.

Text to Give

The mGive Foundation has a campaign active to fund raise for flood response throughout the state. Donors can text FLOOD to 80108 to give $10 to the mGive Disaster Relief Fund. Donations will be collected by the mGive Foundation and directed to organizations providing services to the affected areas and listed on the http://helpcoloradonow.com website.

King Soopers
All King Soopers stores are collecting cash donations for the America Red Cross Flood Disaster Relief at their registers.

Colorado Farm Bureau

The Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation has activated a Disaster Fund where 100% of donations will go to Colorado farmers and ranchers affected by the floods. You can donate here: http://coloradofarmbureau.com/disasterfund.


211 has prepared a Relief and Recovery Guide to connect Colorado residents affected by the Larimer County Floods with disaster assistance and information. http://uwaylc.org.


FEMA is providing assistance for anyone in the affected counties (as of today Adams, Boulder, Larimer and Weld).  In these areas, you can apply for Individual and Public Assistance either by calling 1-800-621-3363 or visiting disasterassistance.gov.


Bonfils is accepting blood donations. For information visit: http://bit.ly/1aIrTox

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a Text to Give Campaign. To give, visithttp://www.imsalvationarmy.org or call 1-800-725-2769 and designate “Colorado Floods.”   You may also text GIVEHOPEIM to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army. Donations by mail may be designated “Colorado Floods” and sent to: The Salvation Army P.O. Box 60006 Prescott, AZ 86304

American Red Cross

To help people affected by disasters like these floods, as well as countless other crises, people can make a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for and provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance in response to disasters.  People can donate by visiting http://www.redcross.org or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Please do what you can to help others.  This is what makes the Happy Smackah communities strong – people helping others.

If we can be of any other assistance please simply reply to this email.

photo by: marc falardeau

2013 Happy Smackah 5k Video

The Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk was May 11th, 2013.

A gorgeous day at Lake McIntosh in Longmont – with an amazing turn out!  Over 600 Happy Smackahs came out to show their support for Andy Barela and his family.

Please enjoy this fantastic event video courtesy of Happy Smackah Dave Kline:

Happy Smackah 2013 from Westview Middle School on Vimeo.

Benefit Events for Our St. Vrain Community