Jill Woo Ching Update

Dear Happy Smackah supporters,

woo_ching_hs_signIt does not seem possible that it has been eleven months since the 2014 Happy Smackah 5K fun run was held. I am still overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that I received prior to the event when I was in Houston receiving treatment, to the amazing day of the event and in the months following.

The past 16 months, since my leiomyosarcoma diagnosis, have been full of many changes for my family and myself. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows and everything in jillfamily1between. People have asked me how I have the strength to keep working so hard to overcome cancer, the answer I give them is simple. First, I get my strength from an incredible God who has never let me down. I then draw strength from my family. My husband, Sililo has been Rock Solid since this journey began. Our three amazing children Maria, Christina and Ben, well I don’t have enough time to tell you what they do for me. I am so thankful for their enduring and incredible LOVE. My parents, my extended family and my friends have also helped us in so many amazing ways. I am deeply grateful and humbled by their selflessness.

Since the Happy Smackah last year I have been through seven rounds of very strong chemotherapy and I am currently taking a jillfamily2tyrosine kinase inhibitor medication that works to prevent the growth of my cancer cells. Accompanied by my husband and our dear friend Jackie, I have made four trips to Houston for progress appointments. While there I receive scans (MRI & CT), blood work and have appointments with four to five doctors. Some of our trips have been challenging, but overall the good news is the tumors in my spine and lung are not growing. Making the trips to MD Anderson every eight to ten weeks can be tiring, but well worth it when good reports are given!

jillfamily3My life is very different than it used to be. I keep as physically active as I can, which can be a challenge due to a back brace that I wear 95% of the day. The brace is to protect my spine because the tumors have caused so much damage. I miss working with the students and staff from St. Vrain Valley school district and I am trying to find a “new normal” for my life.

The memory of the kindness, and concern from the Happy Smackah community has carried me through many rough patches in the last year. I encourage you all to show the same amazing support for this year’s Happy Smackah recipient, Kelly Haley.  What a joy it will be to see hundreds of people on May 9th at Lake McIntosh to participate in such a terrific event.  Many of my “WOOCHING STRONG” team will be there to pass along the terrific support I was blessed with as last year’s Happy Smackah! Register today and tell all your friends!

With deep gratitude,    Jill WooChing

The Kelly Haley Story

IMG_4360Kelly Haley is a wife, mother, cheer coach and lifelong Longmont resident.   She is passionate about her community, cheering, students, and family.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Seth, both of them Skyline High School Alums, and they have three children, John, Colin,and Emerson.

The only time Kelly has not lived in Longmont were her college years in Greeley.  Kelly feels grateful for landing teaching and coaching jobs in the St.Vrain Valley School District.  She and Seth could not imagine living anywhere else.

She has been a mostly stay at home mom, while afternoons, evenings, and weekends were dedicated to coaching her cheer squad at Longmont High School.  She’s grateful for the connections she’s made within the community.

IMG_0577It has been just over a month since Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  It has spread to her liver and lungs.  She has had to resign from her position as cheer coach as she goes through chemotherapy.

Kelly is a fighter, deciding to kill this thing with laughter.  She is pragmatic, insightful, and grateful for how the community has reached out to help her and her family.  She is especially grateful for her husband Seth, and her fighting spirit is driven from deep within and for her profound love for her children.  They are a smiling, laughing brood.

In true fighting spirit, Kelly recognizes that her passion and commitment to cheering has taught her many life-long skills. She smiles in the face of adversity, builds and lives in community, trusts others and works to make everyone be the best they can be.

IMG_0590Kelly and her family are true Happy Smackahs. The Happy Smackah foundation is proud to support Kelly Haley as the 2015 Happy Smackah.

We thank you for your help and support in any way that you are capable – by participating in our Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run on May 9th, through a General donation, or by Volunteering.

Register for the 5k Fun Run Today!

We are also seeking Sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page or contact us by email.

Seeking 2015 Happy Smackah!

The Happy Smackah Volunteers are very excited to announce that the 5th Annual Happy Smackah 5K Fun Run / Walk is on!

chalkboard_hs_idea_2015This year’s event will be held May 9, 2015 – and we’re focused on finding the next Happy Smackah.

We’re currently seeking recommendations for a beneficiary.  If you know of an employee or student in St. Vrain Valley schools who has suffered from an accident or illness and is in financial need, please tell us about them.

Contact us with your Happy Smackah Candidate Suggestions and let us know any pertinent information about their needs.  We’d like to be aware of as many worthy situations as we can. Suggestions are being accepted through February 28th, 2015.

We are also seeking Sponsors! We are now officially a 501c(3) – so all sponsorships are tax deductible and we can provide you the necessary information for your support. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page or contact us at sponsors@happysmackah.com.

Any Other Questions?  Contact us at support@happysmackah.com.

Thank You!

The Happy Smackah Volunteer Team

5th Annual Happy Smackah Announced

hs_logo_2015_200x200The Happy Smackah planning committee is excited to announce that the 5th Annual Happy Smackah 5K Fun Run / Walk will take place on May 9, 2015.

The mission of the Happy Smackah foundation is to benefit individuals in the St.Vrain Valley School District who are in need.

Dan Cribby, our Chief Happy Smackah and first ever Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run beneficiary, is responsible for the expression “Happy Smackah“.  This refers to someone who is filled by the simple joys of life.  They live their lives with a positive attitude, with a no-nonsense/no-excuses life, and take joy in life’s little treasures.

In 2012 the Happy Smackah family grew with the addition of two amazing and courageous girls, Kaylee and Aubree Adams.

In 2013 the Happy Smackah family proudly added Andy Barela.

Last year brought us Jill Woo Ching as our inspiring 2014 Happy Smackah.

Our next step is to select a beneficiary for 2015.  We will be kicking off our search soon, and we will notify you as soon as we open up for suggestions.

Our mission is clear.  We, the Happy Smackah Volunteers, sponsors and our community, are proud to serve this community.  To be able to contribute and share with this community is a gift.  Thank you for helping us support the next Happy Smackah.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please visit our Sponsors Page.

Thank You!

The Happy Smackah Volunteer Team

29th Annual Longmont Sunrise Stampede

Can you believe it has already been over two weeks since the 2014 Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk?  If you are like us, you may be wondering “what fun event can I do now?”  Well we have an answer for you!

29th Annual Longmont Sunrise Stampede

29-Sunrise-Stampede-logoWHEN:  Saturday, June 7th 8:30 AM Start 
WHERE:  Start and Finish @ Longmont High School (map)
WHAT:  10k Run and 2 mile walk/runRegister for the 29th Annual Sunrise Stampede race and support the youth of our community.

The Sunrise Stampede is a Longmont tradition that has raised nearly $175,000 for the St. Vrain Valley School District’s substance abuse and drug awareness programs.

New for 2014 – Run for your School!! Register as part of a St. Vrain Valley School District school team.The school whose runners accumulate the most miles will win $1,000. The second place school will win $500. All you have to do is select a school during the registration process!

For details and to register, please visit: www.sunrisestampede.com

This is an event which the Happy Smackah team is proud to support.  We encourage you to get out and again support your St. Vrain Community!

4th Annual G’Knight Ride

Can you believe it has already been over two weeks since the 2014 Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk?  If you are like us, you may be wondering “what fun event can I do now?”  Well we have an answer for you!

gknightride4th Annual G’Knight Ride

WHEN:  Saturday, June 14th
WHERE:  Roosevelt Park in Longmont (map)
WHAT:  Expo & Food, Kids Festival, Music & Entertainment, Beer Garden and Bike Rides!After the HUGE successes of the G’Knight Ride events in 2011, 2012 & 2103, Bicycle Longmont is working hard to make an even better G’Knight Ride in 2014!The G’Knight Ride is a celebration of cycling, and is meant for cyclists of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  The Ride is a great excuse to dust off that old 10-speed, mountain bike, or cruiser and hop on with 3,000+ other riders on a great evening tour.

Registrations are open and now include a G’Knight Ride event t-shirt  with your registration this year.  Register by June 1st to guarantee yours in time!

For details and to register, please visit: www.gknightride.org

This is an event which the Happy Smackah team is proud to support.  We encourage you to get out and again support your St. Vrain Community!

Boulder Cork

Photo: bouldercork.com

Photo: bouldercork.com

The Boulder Cork has been a favorite Boulder area restaurant since 1969.  Don’t be fooled by its steakhouse moniker.

As a part of the Cork and Cleaver group 44 years ago, The Boulder Cork has maintained its steakhouse appeal, but it’s been a forerunner in all food trends, starting with the farm to table concept, which their chef has practiced for decades.  He and his kitchen staff keep a garden on the premise for herbs and perennials.   The head chef  has been purchasing  from local farms for thirty years.  He and his wife travel extensively, and he is constantly updating traditional dishes and creating new ones based on the best of cultural traditions and trends.

The owner of the Cork also enjoys traveling, and he works closely with his chef and his general manager in keeping The Boulder Cork on the cutting edge of food preparation and presentation and a dining atmosphere that is aesthetic and reflective of the entire dining experience.  Owner, chef and manager have been the central part of the Boulder Cork family, all being a part of it for over 30 years.  The Boulder Cork has received awards locally and on the national level with many awards from The Wine Spectator.

The team at The Boulder Cork are committed to excellence in service, product and experience.  The Boulder Cork offers a happy hour menu, early bird dining, and an extensive bar and dining menu.

The Happy Smackah is proud and honored to once again have The Boulder Cork  as a Platinum Sponsor.

Benefit Events for Our St. Vrain Community