Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk
Current Participant Count
108/900 Participants

When:  Saturday May 12th, 2018 at 8 AM

Where:  Lake McIntosh in Longmont

Registration Fees:

Child (5 and Under): $1
Youth (6 to 12): $15
Teen (13 to 17): $25
Adult (18 to 54): $35
Senior (55 and Over): $25


Registration: Register through Online Registration or use a Print Registration Form.

Information: The Happy Smackah 5k is an untimed, Fun Run / Walk around beautiful Lake McIntosh in Longmont. All event participants (excluding late registrations) receive a Happy Smackah event Tee Shirt. The event starts towards the West End of Dawson Park, near Lakeshore Drive and Cove Court, and ends on the East End of Dawson park.

Any questions or issues, contact info@happysmackah.com. Thank you for supporting Happy Smackah!

Latest News

The Adams Twins 2018 Update

Hello Smackah’s! Six years ago my girls Kaylee and Aubree were the recipients of the Happy Smackah because of their kidney disease and it has made such an impact on our lives. The love and support we had and the joy we are still having in returning the favor every…

The Clara Shipp Story

Clara Shipp is five and a half years old. She is fighting a rare disease that no one understands. She needs a feeding tube, 7 machines that keep her alive, and no one knows her prognosis. She’s a miracle. She’s a fighter. And, she’s a happy smackah. She jumps on…

Seeking 2018 Happy Smackah!

We are very excited to announce that the 8th Annual Happy Smackah 5K Fun Run / Walk will be held May 12, 2018! We are now accepting recommendations for a beneficiary. The mission of the Happy Smackah foundation is to build extraordinary communities and our vision is to provide community events that enable people…

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