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Happy Smackah

2012 Happy Smackah Search Is On!

2012 Happy Smackah Search Is On!

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The 2nd Annual Happy Smackah Fun Run will be held May 12th, 2012 – and we’re working hard to select the next “Happy Smackah” beneficiary for 2012.

The Happy Smackah originated as a fundraising event for Dan Cribby, a St. Vrain Valley educator who became seriously ill and required amputation of his arm and shoulder and extensive skin grafting.  He was at University Hospital in Denver for over three months.  Dan is back at work full time, and is fully recovered.  The term Happy Smackah is his favored expression to describe his favorite people.  The term originates with happy “smacker”, but when a native Mainer says it, the r sound is dropped.  It’s meant to describe someone who is simply… happy.  Dan has lived his life finding joy anywhere and everywhere, and when the community brought together the fun run, his friends thought of the perfect name:  Happy Smackah Fun Run.   For more about what a “Happy Smackah” is – read about it here.

The first Fun Run was such a success, and Dan and his wife Karen want to be a part of the tradition to help out another needy Happy Smackah.   The funds that were raised for them have covered many incidental and unforeseen expenses.

We’re currently evaluating situations involving employees or students in the school district who have suffered a physical ailment and requires financial assistance. 

Do you know a Happy Smackah? Tell us about them! We’d like to be aware of as many worthy situations as we can. Just give us a heads up on your Happy Smackah Candidate Suggestions and let us know who you are thinking of, anything public about their situation, etc… If necessary, we may follow up with you for further information.

Suggestions are being accepted through March 11th, 2012 and the 2012 Happy Smackah Recipient will be announced on March 19th, 2012.

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