Happy Smackah 2021 May 8 Site Map – Happy Smackah
Happy Smackah

Happy Smackah 2021 May 8 Site Map

The 2021 Happy Smackah is a virtual event.  On May 8th there is a scheduled T-Shirt and Swag pick up at McIntosh Lake in Longmont.  Swag may be picked up at the Pavilion located Lakeside in Dawson Park as indicated below from 8:00 AM through Noon.  A “Beep and Drive” for Kaylee Stiffler will be held starting at 10 AM, with participants to enter with their vehicles as shown below.  Enter from North on Harvard Street along side McIntosh Pirate Playground, then proceed around Lakeshore Drive towards Kaylee located in Dawson Park.

Our 2021 Site Map:

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