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Happy Smackah

New Updates for 2020 Happy Smackah

New Updates for 2020 Happy Smackah

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Happy Smackahs,

The Happy Smackah Team hopes you and your loved ones are all faring well during these challenging times. We promised you an update on our event planning and are ready to share our plans.

We are committed to holding our event, and doing so in a safe, responsible way. We are excited to announce that the 2020 Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk, the 10th in our history, will be held on October 10th, 2020. We have once again secured Lake McIntosh for this event.

We are honored to be a part of this community for these past ten years. We are feeling the challenge of how best to serve our Happy Smackah, Kaylee, her family, and this community. Our mission and vision is  to provide events that enable people to support and inspire each other, and to build extraordinary communities. Together with your help, we intend to support Kaylee and her family.

Traditionally, we have held the Happy Smackah event on the second Saturday in May. After this year, we have every intention of returning to that tradition.

While we are excited about a 10th event on 10/10/2020, we also do not want our initial date to pass by unceremoniously.  Times as they are, we all need something positive and invigorating. So to honor this date, we are declaring this coming May 9th, 2020 as “Smackah Day”..

More information will be coming, but please know, we wish to honor the spirit of the Happy Smackah, which has evolved from the love and support of this community, to lift each other up, as you have all done for us and each other.  Details are coming soon about what Smackah Day will be. For now, please be well, accept our appreciation for you all, and take time for yourselves, as you have all taken time and care for others.

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, contact us at any time at


The Happy Smackah Team

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