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Top 5 Reasons to Register!

Top 5 Reasons to Register!

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We are poised and ready for yet another fantastic Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run / Walk.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Register for Happy Smackah today!

5) The Smack Ah Meter is back!

smackahmeter2013The Smack Ah Meter can be found at the Happy Smackah site – as of right now it is time to get this suckah cranked up!

Let’s see how quickly we can hit our first goal of 500 participants for the Smackah!



4) Stick-ah’s!


Back by popular demand, and courtesy of our sponsor StickerGiant, every participant gets their very own Happy Smackah logo sticker!

Everyone loves stickers!

Photo by:


3) Santiago Burritos!


Santiago’s, a proud third-year sponsor of the Happy Smackah, will for the first time be selling their famous Breakfast Burritos at the finish line. Be sure to bring a few extra bucks to enjoy these tasty morsels!  Everyone loves Santiago’s!

Photo by: Jessica at

2) Happy Smackah Tee Shirts!


Skazma, another third-year sponsor of the Happy Smackah, will again equip every participant with a fantastic tee shirt – a great way to remember the great time you have at the event! And this year there is a technical shirt available as well!

Everyone loves tee shirts!

  1) Our Community and Andy Barela


The mission and spirit of the Happy Smackah is to help our fellow community members in need. From our experiences with Dan Cribby and Kaylee and Aubree Adams, we have learned we have a community of strength, love, caring and hope. Let’s come together again to help out this year’s Happy Smackah, Andy Barela and his family, who need our support now.
All that is missing is YOU!  And your family, friends, neighbors, cousins, grandparents, bosses, and anyone else you can bring!  Register Today!

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  1. David Kline says:

    The Kline Family is 100% on board. We can’t wait for May 11. What a great way to celebrate and support the Barela Family. I really liked the way Dan described the Happy Smackah event as a way of saying “we’ve got your back!”. This is a heck-of-a-great community. My Grandma calls this sort of thing “storing up treasures in heaven”.

    We can’t wait to see everyone making their way around the lake for Andy. See you soon!

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