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Kaylee & Aubree Update

Kaylee & Aubree Update

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We are here to thank everybody for all the support and love from last year.  We were very amazed by the way our community came together for us!  We have had such a blessed year since then, with a few bumps along the way.


We got to go on Kaylee’s Make-A-Wish to Atlantis in the Bahamas.  We got to swim with the dolphins!  We chose salt water because that is the only water Kaylee can go in. We had the best time ever.  That was the first time any of us had ever been in the ocean.  It was really salty!

We also got to go to Homecoming with all our friends. Kaylee had to miss it the year before because she was in the hospital, making this year’s really special.  We had such a great time and will never forget it.


We feel like after what the community did for us last year that we needed to do something to give back.  At Christmas time, we wanted to do something special for the Children’s Hospital Dialysis Center because they have been so good to us.  We got some of the girls (our best friends) from the Longmont High School National Honor Society to help us make comfort pillows (pillows that you can heat up) for all the kids on dialysis and the doctors and nurses that make it happen.  We ended up making 52 comfort pillows, and then got the pleasure of delivering them.  It was priceless to see the look on the kids’ faces when they were told that they could take them home. The doctors and nurses loved them too!


We had a few bumps too…

I (Kaylee) had to have two different hernia surgeries because of the dialysis, so that put me out of school a week for each surgery.  On Thankgiving I developed peritonitis, a bacteria infection in the lining of my stomach.  I had to go on heavy antibiotics for a couple weeks, but I had a great recovery.

I (Aubree) am still battling on a day-to-day basis.  I don’t have much of an immune system, but I am hanging in there and playing volleyball and now soccer.

The good news is…

I (Kaylee again) finally got my kidney transplant on March 17th, and I am doing great.  It is nice to finally not have to worry about what I can and cannot eat.  ,It is also nice to not have to do dialysis every night.  I still have to take lots of pills and I can’t go to school for 4-6 weeks but I will take it.  I feel 100% better!!

We hope Andy Barela gets a ton of people to help him through the Happy Smackah 5k Fun Run.  It not only helps financially, but it really helps your spirit knowing there are so many people out there pulling for you!

Register today and tell all your friends!

Thank You!

Aubree and Kaylee Adams
2012 Happy Smackahs

6 Comments so far:

  1. Nanci Kalamaya says:

    Dear Kaylee and Aubree~
    Congratulations on your St. Patrick’s Day transplant. Knowing you are your way to a healthy, happy future will be another reason to celebrate each St. Pat’s Day.
    Your spirit of paying good forward is a tribute to your family and those that have been part of your life. I’m proud to know you!
    Good luck in all those new adventures and challenges.
    be well~Nanci Kalamaya

  2. Dan Clancy says:

    Kaylee and Aubree,

    Thanks for the update! And Kaylee, the East Coast Happy Smackahs are so happy that you got your transplant. We don’t know you, but we are friends and relatives of the original Happy Smackah, so we consider you Happy Smackahs all one big family. We wish the best for you and hope to get more updates. And we’re pulling for Andy too.

  3. karen Clancy-Cribby says:

    Thanks, Kaylee and Aubree, for sharing your story and for inspiring all of us!

  4. Kristine Hagemeyer says:

    Kaylee and Aubree,
    Thanks so much for the update. It is great to hear about your family trip, Homecoming, and The Transplant. All such wonderful news. I have been friends with Dan and Karen for 20 years or so, and love seeing how much they give back and pay it forward. It is so wonderful to hear the good that you are putting back into the world. You are both, truly Happy Smackahs. Thanks for supporting Andy. –Kris

  5. Jackie Bilan says:

    Kaylee and Aubree,
    You both are such beautiful (in and out) inspiring young people! Your caring and kind natures make our world a better place. Thank you!
    Ms. B

  6. Lana M.loger says:

    Kaylee and Aubree,

    So glad the news is happy an healthy. Keep up with the good job an the love you all share with everyone.
    An love to all the family.

    Lana an Jim

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